A Plaid Cymru-led “Rainbow Alliance” Welsh Assembly Government is possible again after Lib Dems voted to revive a coalition plan with other opposition parties. A special Liberal Democrat meeting has voted 125-77 to resume talks once more. It came only days after Labour’s Rhodri Morgan being reappointed first minister, when the first talks between the parties broke down.

A series of meetings is being arranged between the “Alliance” party leaders, Zippy(Ieuan Wyn Jones), George (Nick Bourne) and Bungle (Mike German).

In a statement released today, Bungle said, “What it has said, quite clearly, is that we want to give the people of Wales that fresh start, that new approach which this all-Wales government could do for it. Up above the streets and houses, rainbow climbing high, everyone can see it smiling over the sky”.

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Asked to comment on the Liberal Democrats’ “U-turn”, Zippy said, “This means that a range of outcomes are back on the table, including a Plaid-led government. All along the streams and rivers, shining in the lakes, see the colours of the rainbow as the morning breaks. Paint the whole world with a rainbow”.

These sentiments were echoed by George, who told the Scar, “I remain of the belief that a non-Labour alternative in Cardiff is important to bring a sense of direction to government in Wales and a sense of direction to our country. Take some green from a forest, blue from the sea, find the misty pot of gold, and mix them for a week. Paint the whole world with a rainbow”.

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