Is my doctor a terrorist?

Is my doctor a terrorist?

After the recent botched car bomb attacks on London and Glasgow by extremist NHS clinicians, many people in the country are asking themselves, “Is my doctor a terrorist?”.
Many similarities between the useless planning of the terrorists and the state of the NHS have been evident over the past few days. It is now known that one of the cars used that was left in London, was parked illegally and that the bomb was only found after the car was being towed away. A few pounds put in the parking meter and the car would have raised no suspicion whatsoever.

The similarity between Doctors and Terrorists

Let us take a close look at the similarity between doctors and terrorists in the last few years.

  • One, they are hard to find on weekends.
  • Two, they don’t like paying car parking charges.
  • Three, their receptionists are surly and bad tempered.
  • Four, ITN news says that they are the same.There you have it! conclusive proof that your doctor maybe, at some time in their life, may have thought, that the invasion of Iraq, might have been a mistake and that it possibly might be a good idea if somehow this country would withdraw it’s troops in the future.

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