Making more money with MyJar Alternative

Making more money with MyJar Alternative

Making more money with MyJar Alternative – The reason I chose Michael Jordan is that he is the only famous athlete that comes to mind. Sadly, the second person I thought of was Bo Jackson. Man, how sad is that shit. Anyway, here are some emails I’ve gotten in the last few weeks about calling up companies and asking for better rates.



Making more money with MyJar Alternative

Thanks for the great blog. It just saved me 20 bucks in about 5 minutes. I just recently moved, and in all the mess, the payments for my 2 credit card bills arrived exactly 1 day late, as I found out by the finance charges on my next bill. I knew why I got the extra charges, and I also knew it was my fault, but because of your blog, I called the companies, something I never would have done before. I played dumb and simply asked why I had this new charge on my bill, and both companies took care of it immeadiately, without me even asking! “Oh, it appears your payment arrived one day late last month; that is why you have the finance charges. I’ll give you a credit for that right away.”
Thanks for giving me the mindset that I am a customer who deserves to be treated well.



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